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Hvordan lage en 3/4 herreparykk, Philip Carson

26. april 2019 - 28. april 2019

A full lace men’s three quarter wig foundation with an open nape for use in theatre. Tjis ¾ wig foundation is designed to blend seamlessly with the artist`s own hair in the nape to create the illusion of own hair. This foundation will illuminate the bulky nape section of a more traditional full wig foundation. Men’s wigs can be problematic at the back due to shorter hair styles and sparse hair density. This wig foundation is designed to work with the artist’s own hair and blends in using an open nape and point knotting techniques. This allows the hair to layflatter on top of the wearers own nape hair. We will map out a template on your head block, create a complete ¾ wig foundation with an open anpe and carryout the point knotting method.

Materials required to attend

Half a metre of fine front lace 30 denier
3/4 metre of terylene foundation lace
Short hair bundle for nape point knotting (25 g) but it must be all one length (doublr draw), and the points left natural and NOT cut
Padded head block/form with full hairline marked out from a head wrap
Sharpie, Sellotape and dispenser
Knotting hook and needles (sizes for both whipping and fine knotting 10/3)
Invisible nylon thread
Fine blocking or dress making pins
Wig block cradle
Table wig clamp
Drawing mat
Needle and cotton thread.


Kursets varighet 3 dager, 26.-28.april og holdes på engelsk.

Tid fredag: 15:00-21:00,  lør. og søndag  9:00-16:00



Philip is a Senior Wig Technician at London Coliseum for English National Opera and have been there 13 years. He is a co founder with Corinne Young and The Wigs and Makeup Studio (WAM) where he teaches courses. Philip also teaches university students at Northbrook College since 2009.



26. april 2019
28. april 2019